It's my choice what I put in me

What Women are Saying

"Ultimately: to say that I'm thinking of going steady with this lube would not be overstating the case,
and the story behind it makes me all the more sure of that choice."

– Sossity Chiricuzio, Portland OR
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"I love Simply Slick™ because its organic and it actually works!!"
– Victoria, 42, Seattle WA

"Amazing healthy lube!!!"
– Cathy, 46, Janesville WI

"I have had problems with dryness for a while now. My husband and I have tried lots of different products. We recently tried Simply Slick™ and both of us agree it’s wonderful, and best of all it’s healthy."
– Gloria, 36 , Los Angeles CA

"I like its level of slipperiness. It's just right and lasts forever."
– Amanda, 26, Rockton IL

"Great feel! Only lube that I've felt that was like the real thing! Great product!"
– Nikki, 38, Beloit WI

"Just because you use a personal lubricant doesn't mean you need it. It just helps to get things going and extends a great activity. Simply Slick™ made it more enjoyable, last longer, and it never got sticky, so we didn't have to clean up right away."
– Sarah, 21 Rockford IL

If You Believe in Choice, Lend Us Your Voice

Many women don’t know there’s anything wrong with the lubes they’re using. We think every woman should be educated about the health risks of many mainstream lubricants. Please help us spread the word about Simply Slick™, the lube that’s good for you.


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