A Love Story

Simply Slick™ began with a story of boy meets girl.

The girl was lovely – a wonderful, bright, and beautiful woman, inside and out. The boy, a chemist, was smitten. Things progressed as they do when two people fall in love, and soon after they were married.

As many couples do, the chemist and his wife found that they needed a little help getting things going beneath the sheets. Together, they searched for “off the shelf” solutions, but the chemist, recognizing the dangerous ingredients on the labels, couldn’t imagine choosing any of them for the love of his life.

They wondered why anyone would put antifreeze, lye, or parabens in their bodies. Nearly every label they looked at seemed to contain harmful ingredients.

He thought – shouldn’t women have a choice about what they put in their bodies?

Astounded, he decided to investigate. He was shocked to learn that most of the personal lubricants actually started as something else, and were then “repurposed” for intimate use! Glycol is for a car, silicone is for bath tile, and butter is for toast! None of these should be anywhere close to our most intimate regions.

For the sake of his wife, and women everywhere, the chemist knew something had to be done. He went to work with the belief that a personal lubricant should be just as fun, long lasting, and healthy, as the activity it’s designed for.

After countless experiments with hundreds of natural ingredients, seven simple yet effective ingredients were carefully chosen to create the most natural, fantastical, orgasmical personal lubricant on the shelf, Simply Slick™. Because like the chemist’s wife, every woman deserves a lube that’s good for you.

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